11 Best Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website For Free

You can use your money to invest in paid traffic if you like. However, there are plenty ways to increase traffic to your website. One of the most risky point in the internet is that: If you don’t know what is the key point to focus in internet marketing, all efforts are in vain. That’s why I recommend you to start with free traffic. If you find it effective, you can spend money on paid traffic.


Video are what many online marketer recommend today. PAY ATTENTION, take your camera, pick a project, talk about that and post in YouTube. It’s free and easy. Google loves YouTube. So they buy it. And you know, the video with the suitable key words can easily go to the top of Google very fast. Are you ready to start your brand right now? If you don’t do, other will!

No one can deny this. Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter,… can bring you loyal fan. If you do business, what would you want? A loyal customers who are waiting for your next products or the customers who go to your website one time and disappear forever? Social network help you keep in touch with customer.

Why? Because just by commenting in many forums in your niche, you are attracting a lot of people. And internet marketing starter, you have time, right? Use your time to become a helper in forum in your niche. Just give give give and you will receive later.

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Article directories is really cool way to marketing your image. Are being perceived as an expert is your purpose? Write an article and put it into Article directories like Hubpages can bring you free quality traffic. Another thing is that Search engine likes Google love article directories. This is one the the great ways to build your do follow Back-links.

Do you mind record an audio file for free traffic to your site? It’s total free and easy. Why? Just convert your video into your mp3 file and post it to free pod-casting sites. So you have both video and mp3 files. One of a good place for podcast is Apple iTunes.

If you have a product, start an affiliate program. This is the good way to generate traffic from multiple sources.

It’s super effective way to put your article into these press releases site. You will even get surprise and not yet realize the traffic increasing to your website. You just need well written skill and little effort.

So you need to cooperate with someone. Find someone who have a list in your industry. What can you exchange for them to get free traffic from their mail list? Make sure your niche is relative to him/her niche. You don’t want a love-dog-training traffic to your health-solution website, do you?

Who don’t love backlinks? Backlink are the best of the best way to increase the rank of your website. I believe the most important things in internet marketing are backlinks. And don’t forget! Just Backlinks from the high rank site.

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No one love writing. However, It’s recommend for you to do this. Insistently post to your blog. Combine with RSS, social media can drive a lot of traffic to your site. Many business from big to small do this. So you must become a person who share lots of unique knowledge. This is what will make you a lot of traffic and money in the future. Let’s start from small posts.

Just submit your website to high rank directories. Don’t submit to all other website or your website will get penalty from Google.

Of course, these are 11 way that many gurus and blogger use. Don’t miss any of this because you don’t want to give these free traffic to other website, do you?

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