Clean, efficient on-site power.

BlueGen® delivers clean, controllable, on-site electricity for your home or business.

Leading the way

About the size of a washing machine, BlueGen® connects directly to your natural gas supply, delivering low carbon electricity, 24 hours a day. It’s virtually silent, very efficient and reduces your carbon footprint significantly.

Fuel cell technology is at the forefront of co-generation and micro-Combined Heat and Power. Fuel Cells generate electricity efficiently from hydrogen rich fuels, through a clean electrochemical reaction rather than dirty combustion.  BlueGen is a leader in fuel cell technology, creating electricity from natural gas with 60 per cent electrical efficiency and 25 per cent thermal efficiency

BlueGen can be installed on-site in your home or business. It contains standard connections and operates with virtually no noise. Key benefits include:

  • Up to 36 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day
  • 200 litres of ‘free’ hot water per day
  • Carbon dioxide savings of up to 14.5 tonnes per year
  • Unconstrained by seasons or weather
  • Simple installation with standard connections
  • Integrates easily with renewable technologies such as solar PV or solar thermal hot water
  • Constantly monitored by advanced fault detection technology

BlueGen units are now available to showcase sites, green buildings, governments, local councils and other commercial customers.

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