Best Private Instagram viewer – Downloader & Saver

Instagram is one of the largest following social media groups. Because it is not only followed by common people but also followed by superstars like actors, singers, businessmen, sportspersons etc. Almost every person, even his dog(just joking), has an Instagram account. There are now nearly 30 millions of people who are using Instagram.

Instagram account users can decide to make their account private as it is the most important thing nowadays. Yes. Make your account private. This is the first step. This helps you to filter those who can have access to view your profile because if someone wants to stalk or look into your profile, they have to follow you. This way you can get notified by those who are stalking your account. It is a good idea not to accept the request from the unknown persons. So that you do not have any risk of stalking by someone else.

However, there are some ways in which you can get to view your private Instagram account by using some websites. Now let us get started.

How to use private instagram viewer?

The social media revolution has got everyone involved in it by capturing the photos or videos and uploading them. The users are now posting an eye-catching picture in different locations to increase their followers.

Nowadays, there are a lot of reasons to view private Instagram accounts of other users.

For example, if you are browsing on the web, you have found a unique and fantastic picture. You want to view that picture, and you click on the image then you will be redirected to the Instagram page or Facebook or flick.

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If you want to see some more photos of that posted by that person, then you certainly want to follow that person. Without permission, you can only see their profile picture of that person if it is public. You cannot have access to view videos, images, posts or stories posted by that person. This is how Instagram settings help the user.

Checking the Instagram account of other people will also help in the business purpose. It is used to deliver marketing strategies and content to help clients.

If you have a crush on someone, you would like to know more about them like what do they do, what are their habits, what did they love etc. This might help you to learn more about them.

But it is quite frustrating that the account is shielded or protected by the privacy settings. So how to view private Instagram accounts. Luckily there are some methods to achieve this feat.

Now there are some Instagram private account viewer apps which will work. These third-party apps were developed to bypass the IG security protocol. So you are not detected when you are using them.

The other ways to view private Instagram account:

These are not hacked.

One of the most legal methods to view someone’s profile is by asking the account owner’s permission. This method will, indeed work. You can do this by following them or sending a request to them. Once they have approved and accepted your request, you are now free to access their profile, including the old ones they have posted it already and the new ones they will be posting.

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Before sending a request, try to make your Instagram account more appealing. There are many ways to make your Instagram profile more appealing. If your account is more appealing, you can even get the follow back from the person you have requested.

An attractive and beautiful profile picture is a must. You can even use two or three pics at a time. You can also try sending some private messages along with your follow request to receive the request you need.

Another trick you can use to see the private Instagram account users is to search randomly across the different websites using the Instagram username and the real name of your target.

Even if the privacy settings protect the account in some cases, you will also be able to see the videos or other content in other platforms like Facebook and Flickr etc., so this is the most straightforward method to view someone account details if it is private.