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Hello Everybody,

It was a really nice sunny day yesterday. I went to a Picnic with my boyfriend and friends. We played a game of rounders, had food, drink and somebody brought there laptop to play some music. It was so much fun 🙂

Me and my boyfriend walked up to where the picnic was and passed this nice cottage on the way so i thought ‘why not take a photo’ 🙂 ..It was a nice cottage!

We all met up at about 2pm and left at about 6pm. We headed back to one someones house which was 5 minutes away and had some more drinks in the garden. I was having such a good time that I ended drinking a little more than I should have really. You go from being happy and having fun stage of drinking …to the danger stage when emotions can get on top of you and your not thinking straight.

I decided to stay on into the night and head out to the bars with others. I really hate alcohol but I was having so much fun I didn’t really tell myself to stop at any point, I was just having fun with it.

Every time I do this though, I always regret it. I have recently started eating more plant-based meals and keeping up with exercise the last few weeks. The way that makes me feel is amazing, my skin feels good, I feel good, everything is good! Then when I drink I end up making myself look like a twat, make stupid decisions, waste money, putting unwanted calories into my body and then getting a horrible hangover the next day and feeling like crap.

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It has really got me thinking, I don’t think I even want to drink anymore. One reason I have drank through my teenage years is for confidence as most alcohol drinks I don’t care too much for anyway. I am not a big drinker, I would prefer chocolate 🙂 Who else would choose a bar of chocolate over a glass of wine?

All my memories in the past when I have gone out drinking I have had a lot of embarrassing, stupid moments which i won’t go into…..buuuttttt I just don’t see much point to it anymore. It may be nice to have a few if there is an occasion or something but from now on I am going to pass on the big drinking. If I do go out, I will just stick with water through the night. When I think how much better I will feel the next day and how I will be able to make decisions with a soba brain,lol That is a much better idea to me than feeling crap and making a dick of myself!

I am eating a healthier lifestyle and exercising these days and that is a great feeling I like to have 🙂

Has anyone else cut alcohol out their life?

I only got a few rubbish photo’s from the night but more were video’s. As I have an obsession with vlogging (video logging) 🙂 The last video I had on my phone of last night was me in the loo’s, standing by the sinks (not actually on the loo, just incase you were wondering,lol) I was filming myself saying how ‘I’m filming in the toilets and I’m drunk’ then I started hiccupping and laughing to myself,lol oh and another video of me trying on one of the guys baseball caps and talking in a Northen accent and just being a complete twat! I thought about inserting the video’s but then I thought I might put people off wanting to read my blog so decided not too, ha!

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Overall it was a really fun day but I don’t plan on drinking so much anytime soon. I haven’t had a great day today, I woke up with a really bad headache and haven’t been able to eat much all day as it makes me feel sick! :-/ I can’t wait to eat properly tomorrow and go to the gym 🙂

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