Blogging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

So you read somewhere that blogging can help your business or career. That’s right. Having a blog can help you attract more leads and clients for your business. It allows you to connect with your audience in an informal and intimate manner. But if you think you can simply rush in and start a website without having a concrete plan first, then think again. Blogging can make you but it can also break you. Done right, a blog can boost your business. Done the wrong way, it can be a big time, effort and even money waster. This is why it pays to know the common mistakes that many bloggers – especially first timers – commit.

Scattered focus

It’s OK not to have focus on a personal site that serves as an online diary. But if you are blogging for business, then you really need to stick to your niche. Focus is important because you need to continually attract the attention of your market. By having focus, you will get loyal followers who know already what to expect from your blog. How would you feel if your favorite blog about food would suddenly talk about the construction industry. You would feel alienated and confused right? And you probably won’t visit the blog again. If you want to write about a different subject then start a new and different blog.

Give something of value

Avoid putting fluff on your blog. Make sure that whatever content you put in it will be useful to your readers. Your readers will know if you are simply providing rehashed information to promote your product or service.

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Not blogging regularly

Not blogging on a regular basis is another mistake that can turn readers away. If you cannot really blog everyday then at least make it a point to update your blog three times a week. Many of your readers are hungry for new information. So when they check in to your blog only to see a week-old post then they would definitely be disappointed. Create a regular schedule for your blog. Make it a part of your business tasks. If you have the means then hire a ghost writer or a virtual assistant who can take care of your blog for you. Just don’t leave your readers hanging and wanting for more.

Failure to use social media sites

Social media is one of the most powerful ways to connect with people. So if you are not using it for your business then you are losing out on a very big opportunity. Your blog post should be shareable to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. By doing so then there is the potential that one or several of your posts will go viral. It is very easy to put a link or button of popular social media sites on a blog regardless of what platform you are using. If you are already using social media sites then it is also worthwhile to place links to your blog on your posts to drive more readers to it.

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