Carbon dioxide: Calculate carbon dioxide savings

Looking to save carbon?

Blue is the new green

BlueGen® isn’t only a new way of generating electricity; it’s also a great way to help the environment.  Moreover, depending on where you live and your existing electricity grid. Also, BlueGen may be able to help decrease your carbon emissions as soon as possible.

Finally, know how much carbon dioxide you could save with BlueGen. So, we are hoping BlueGen works steadily all year round?

  1. Choose your country (state/province is optional)
  2. Select BlueGen’s power output
  3. Decide if you’ll recover the heat from BlueGen
  4. Select your existing type of water heater
  5. Click calculate
  6. Annual Carbon Dioxide Savings:


    The annual carbon dioxide savings from BlueGen are an estimate only and also based on the Lower Heating Value (LHV) of natural gas. Therefore, actual carbon dioxide savings are site and installation-specific. Though sometimes it may vary from this calculator. Please contact your seller or CFCL for more information.