Easy Installation

Every BlueGen installation is different.

What doesn’t change is how easy it is.

BlueGen® installation is simple.  Unlike the often-complex plumbing of other co-generation technologies, BlueGen’s simple, straightforward connections make installation a breeze, so you’ll have it up and running surprisingly quickly.  It can also be installed indoors or outdoors (as long as it’s above freezing) allowing greater flexibility in terms of choosing a location.  In fact, there’s so many options we have created our Installation Guidelines booklet to help you decide on the various recommended installation configurations.

BlueGen has simplified ongoing maintenance with minimal moving parts and maintenance and service smarts built in, streamlining ongoing servicing and optimising efficiency.

Once installed, electricity will be generated at up to 60 per cent electrical efficiency at the point of use.  The household can also use the heat from the fuel cell for domestic hot water and/or space heating, further increasing total efficiency by decreasing the energy needed to heat hot water.

BlueGen. It’s what customers want today and for the future.