EV charging station

World’s first electric vehicle charging station.

Powered by BlueGen.

Adelaide City Council and the State Government have installed a BlueGen® unit as part of an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station at Adelaide Central Markets.

Located on the upper parking level, the BlueGen and ChargePoint recharging station allows city shoppers to recharge their electric vehicles from low emission electricity rather than carbon intensive power from the electricity grid.  The charging station is free and two electric vehicles can be charged at a time.

The BlueGen unit was installed in around two hours and the entire installation completed in less than a day.  In this location, BlueGen is operating at a constant output of 1.5 kW for maximum electrical efficiency.  Approximately 13,000 kilowatt-hours of low emission electricity can be produced here every year.  Excess electricity not required for vehicle recharging is fed back into the grid.

Even the waste heat from BlueGen is recovered for hot water use within the markets.  Up to 200 litres of ‘free’ hot water per day is made available for use by the cleaning staff.