The Smart Home Family

Living the dream.

A real home. A real family. Real energy savings

The Smart Home is a fully functional suburban home full of new and innovative water and energy solutions. It’s being ‘road tested’ by a family of three. Clare Joyce, Michael Adams and their daughter Ava, Australia’s first Smart Home Family, is living in the home, experiencing exactly what it’s like to embrace the power of clean energy living.

Created by Sydney Water and Ausgrid (formerly EnergyAustralia), the Smart Home showcases the latest energy and water solutions.  It uses the sophisticated technologies to produce power on-site, integrating both renewable and low-carbon generation technologies via Solar PV panels on the roof, a solar pergola and a BlueGen® unit that converts natural gas into electricity 24/7.  Surplus electricity is exported back to the grid.

The BlueGen unit was installed during the retrofit of the building and is located discreetly in the courtyard.  Heat from BlueGen is recovered and utilised for domestic hot water.  For the Smart Home trial, BlueGen operates at 1.5 kW power export for maximum efficiency, generating around 13,000 kilowatt-hours per year.