How QR Codes Save Your Customers Time Apps creator Mobile Social Media in a World Gone Mobile

Your customers love QR codes. For one thing, they look cool. But aside from the coolness factor, there are lots of other great things about these odd-looking little pixelated codes. The ability to scan these codes with your smartphone makes everything faster and easier for your customers, and mobile users don’t have time to wait.


Visiting Your Website

Lots of companies have QR codes printed on their offline materials with a tagline that says something like, ‘Visit us on the web.’ Take a minute to compare scanning a QR code with typing in a URL. If you’re using any kind of smartphone, you know that typing isn’t easy on them. Plus, there’s a good chance you’ll screw something up since URLs are not always short and simple. With a QR code you simply scan it and it takes you there instantly.


Joining the Club

The same goes for subscribing to a list. Customers want to join their favorite brands’ membership clubs so that they can get exclusive offers and deals. Marketers have tried hard to create sign-up forms for mobile sites that ask for a minimum of information – for example, just name and email address. But smartphone users have the same problem. It takes a while to type in this information. If you can scan it and join without all the typing, you’re much more likely to do so.


Quick and Easy Downloading

What if there’s a product or an app you want? Downloading isn’t too hard on a smartphone. It’s usually just a matter of clicking a button or two using the touchscreen. But QR codes remove steps from the process. Scan it and it immediately starts downloading.

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Searching for Product Info

Some offline stores have started putting QR codes on their merchandise tags. These codes lead the browser to information online about the product. It could be the company’s own webpage or another site like Amazon that has reviews. If you can access this information that easily, you can shop smarter.

This is also useful for people who just want to know more about a product. Some wine makers put QR codes on their bottle labels so that people can look it up and save the information. This keeps you from having to remember the name and year of the wine you’re drinking.


Easy Ordering and No Waiting

A few major chains have incorporated QR codes into their ordering process to make it easier. At select Starbucks locations, you can scan the menu item with your phone while you’re waiting in line and the baristas will get to work on your coffee. By the time you hit the counter, it’s ready and waiting for you.


Unlimited Possibilities

Anything your customers do online can be made easier with QR codes. A QR code redirects to a URL, but that URL can be anything. It doesn’t have to be a website. It could be a video, a download, a signup or anything else. This flexibility is why QR codes are so wonderful for businesses.


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