How To Get People to Read Your Blog

Just like a website, your blog will not attract visitors by itself. You need to actively promote your blog to drive traffic to it. Here are some ways you can promote your blog:

1. Make sure your article is interesting to read.

2. Find blog directories and submit your blog there. Type “blog directories” into Google and see what comes up.

3. Ping your blog. There are several blog ping services online. Type “ping blog” into Google, and use the ones on the first page.

4. Use the article you have written and submit that to article directories, and link them back to your blog. There are also article submission services out there that can do that for you. Article Directories are the best as people can go there to find content for their newsletters. They have to use your article with your website link and your details. Your article may appear on someone else’s blog or in someone else’s newsletter so when people read that they will click on your link to read more.

5. Website directories work as well. However, just spend a couple of hours submitting to directories as they are not too high in quality.

6. Submit your article at blog directories

7. Join a forum in your industry and write comments and start or join discussions. Have a signature, with your blog address that people can click on if they are interested in what you are saying.

8. Find classified ad sites, and write an ad for your article and link back to it.

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9. Put an automatic signature on your email that sends with your email. Everyone you email or who you reply to will see your link in your signature and click on it

10. Tweet about your blog on Twitter. Retweet a bit later.

11. Post a link to your blog in your updates on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites.

12. Use Google Adwords to place an advertisement that links to your blog. Note: this costs money.

13. You can also advertise on other social networking sites. This may cost money too.

14. Find websites with similar content, so a tutor can find a school website or a travel agent can find a hotel or resort website, read their articles, and ask them to link a word or two to your blog.

Promoting your blog in these ways will also create links back to your blog which is really useful for Search Engine Optimization. The more quality links you have back to your blog, the higher your website will rank in the search engines, and the better chance you have in getting found on the first page in the search engines in your area. This is what you want to happen because people who look for your product or service will then find you easily.

You can choose to use all of these ways or just a couple. In this case though, more is better.

Good luck with your blog!

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