Link Building for SEO Success

If you plan to optimize your business site for the search engines, you need to know what techniques you should use in order to achieve the best results. Link building is one of the most valuable SEO techniques available to business owners today. Building links helps the search engine spiders find your pages more easily so that they can be indexed in the search engines. If you do not build links correctly, you can harm your SEO efforts more than you can help them. If you learn how to build links correctly, you can improve your SEO results and your overall business.

One-Way Links

One-way links to your site are the most valuable in terms of search engine optimization. A one-way link is when someone places a link to your site on their Web site without asking you to link to their site in return. There are several ways to build one-way links to your site. One is by adding unique content on a regular basis. When people find good information on your site, they will be more likely to link to you without asking for anything in return. Another way to build one-way links is to ask your clients to link to your site if they are satisfied with your work. If you do good work and have a good working relationship with your clients, most of them will be happy to link to you without asking for a link in return. If you donate to a charity or donate your services to a non-profit, you may also receive a one-way link back to your site to recognize you for your help.

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Two-Way Links

Two-way links are less valuable than one-way links, but are still a good SEO technique to use. A two-way link occurs when one site links to the other site in exchange for a link back to their site. For example, Joe Smith might link to Bill Johnson’s site if Bill Johnson will link to his site in return. This is also called a link exchange. You can ask other site owners to exchange links by e-mailing them. Do not spam other site owners; simply offer to exchange links and explain the benefits. Your link exchanges should be with sites that are relevant to your own. A good example of relevance would be an interior decorator exchanging links with a realtor. Their businesses are related to each other and they might even refer each other business.

Link Farms

Link Farms are Web sites that are just massive pages of links. They are usually very cluttered and poorly designed. There are two major reasons why you should not link farms. The first is that the search engines have started to consider link farms as a negative in the search engine ranking process. The second is that you have no control where your link is placed in a link farm. Your children’s clothing boutique link could be placed next to a link for an adult video business. You don’t want your business associated with businesses that potential customers may find distasteful. Do your business a favor and avoid link farms when building links to your site.

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