Money Maker: Tips To Make Money Even If Your Blog Traffic Sucks!

Last month, Pat Flynn made $83,903.53. Enstine Muki made $525, with a single post. But, the heck you’re stucked of your blog traffic, and likely you’ve been slaughtered for your dream to make money from blogging. And if so, this article is for you in concern if you totally want to nail it out and make money blogging.

Make Money Through Blogger


This article isn’t for you, if:

1. You’re willing to start making money from the next minute.

2. You’re in a hurry for making money, or don’t have time to spare.

3. You’re not able to be loyal to your readers.

Money Maker Blogging, the Old Myths

You’re in a squabble.

I know, as because I’ve been in this situation.

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And actually, you love’d blogging as because you’ve noticed people joining groups, solving problems, and making money through it. You’ve also seen that people are making hundreds of dollar whenever they hit that publish button of their website.

Ain’t it?

You gave it a try, and hooted for advertising or any other alternatives, you waited for few days and when you spare time in regards of checking your income after all the efforts you’ve made. Its,

$2, alas.

Traditionally, newbies believe to make money blogging they do require writing content, promote it, and the money will flow, automatically. It’s insane.

Undoubtedly, bloggers who make money through blogging either have a strategical plan or else they treat it like their business. And if you’re not doing so, you’d not be making money through blogging – that’s the truth.

Do you know, how people sell?

  • They don’t bother lying in regards of selling something.
  • They be something dominating type, they’d make you act like puppet (mind that).
  • There it has a winner, always, and the sales person win at most the cases.
  • They’re likely to force you but in such a tricky way you’d be left with nothing other than that product.
  • But, concerning to blogging you’ve thought of-
  • Bloggers just place the ads on their sidebar, people buy them without reason.
  • Blogger doesn’t do, just sit and have the sweet taste.

And perhaps,

What you’ve thought of is totally opposing, and that’s the old myths to make money blogging.

You Can Never Make Money Blogging if.

I believe, there’s no rocket science to make money blogging.

But, what is the actual theory that you just need to learn the right way to make money through blogging.

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And, the truth is: Bloggers who’re likely making million of dollar or else just to say the one who make a real difference from those of other in a long term are perhaps those who’ve found a way to operate their blog just like a business or full-time blogging either. Or at-least making it their main goal to deal with.

You’re quitting too fast-

The simple myth of not making money blogging is you’re quitting too fast.

I’ve seen a lot of, I repeat, a lot of bloggers who are focused at the beginning. But, initially they lose their hope and get overwhelmed as because they aren’t earning what they have expected for.

They feel like they are being discriminated by blogging, and hence they be frustrated of it and ultimately they quite.

But WHY?

What’s the use of quitting of money maker?

Don’t forget, bloggers like Darren Rowse, Neil Patel, Brain Dean, Zac Johnson, simply didn’t get their fame and money within few days. They were same, like you, me, but they’ve a strategical planning which didn’t just happened in one or two days but took years in persuading their dreams and perhaps here they’re now.

Don’t quite, think it like a challenge and try to combat it with your plannings and ideas. I’m sure, you’d be successful.

You’ve not chosen the right topic-

Simple No.

There are no such thing, that you’ve picked a topic that doesn’t worth off.

Just like Neil Patel, Jon Morrow, the superstars of blogging industry there are even more topics that are famous.

There are food niche, education niche, technology niche. But you chose gardening niche.

Okay, so what’s wrong with it?

Can’t the gardening niche be popular too, just like the any other topic is?

(yes, they can).

And possibly, they make more money than that of other.

And being really frank, it doesn’t depend upon what topic you’ve chosen but it depends h0w much passionate you’re about it and how much you’ve desire for it to be successful and how much you work for it.

You’ve overloaded with information-

Over 1 billion searches are performed every second at Google and that’s really a big count.

With so much information that are available on internet, it’s really challenging to know where to start with. A bucketload of information is there, both free and paid.

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For if you’d desire to make money blogging from home, you’ve searched in regards of it and found countless information, ideas, tips, products, platforms, and overall you’ve been overloaded with them.

One day you start thinking about advertising, and on the next day to it you start monetizing your blog through affiliates. And then, you read a blog post that sponsored way are best to make money through blogging and by leaving both advertising and affiliates you took sponsored post.

Same alike, you get stuck off as because you don’t focus on a particular thing. You’re getting crazy to make money through blogging but you’re forgetting that there’s a limit of everything.

Nobody is perfect, and nor going to be.

You should stay with a single strategy and adapt it. Over time you may move on to the next but only when you’ve enough experience grabbed with the journey you’d with the previous strategy that you’ve planned of.

Making Money Through Blogging

So, so, soo many people want to make money through blogging either to persuade their dreams, or even pay their bills for coffee either. Alas, they could be able to do so, unfortunately.

What John Chow of Suggests to Make Money Through Blogging?

People often make mistake by monetizing their blog without giving a value to their reader. Mostly, when the visitors are organic searchers and have landed through a keyword for which they want to learn something about. Although the webmaster makes about 25 cent per visitor but unfortunately they are loosing their life-time loyal visitor by doing so.

That’s insane.

Main motive of your’s should be capturing your visitors into an email subscriber as by capturing them you’re likely to form a good relationship with your reader. For instance, if you’re having an email list consisting of about 50,000 subscribers and with conversation rate of about 0.97%, then it means that about 485 subscribers will buy products every time you email them.

What Zac Johnson of Suggests To Make Money Blogging?

The best way to monetize your own blog is by growing your brand as because there is no better option in order to monetize your blog and your audiences than growing out your personal brand.

For instance, Google can kick-off you from it’s search results anytime, the social networks can flush you off, and your advertisers budget may sucks…perhaps, at end, if you’ve a brand with loyal followers you’d initially succeed in your mission as people will always find you and you will always have something which values.

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What John Paul of Suggests To Make Money Blogging?

With over 5 years of experience, John suggest you trying out his “The Self Selling Strategy”, which means Selling Yourself.

And to start selling you off, you’d either sell a product you’ve created or else sell a service. People land to your blog in order to read what YOU write and initially it means learn from YOU. So, if you do create a product or sell your own service in your blog then there will be a natural progression and there will be a higher conversation.

Make sense right?

But, in order to make the trick “The Self Selling Strategy” go successful, you’d be requiring to build a blog with loyal readers that frequently visit your blog which means they’re already impressed with you and your skills which could make higher potential of getting your product or service sell off.

What Adam Connell of Suggests To Make Money Blogging?

With all those strategies to make money, he suggest you to go with Affiliate Marketing and for so you’d be required to drive targeted audiences or to say like-minded people who’re willing to read information concerning to what you share.

You’re required to be authentic, and it’d not work if you go on post rubbish out of there in your blog. Be smart, and focus on your contents regarding key products and then expand it.

Also, offering services is a great way to go. In order to do so, you require to find problem in your niche you’re working on and follow it with a solution. And perhaps, if you’re probably having great skill in solving out the issues, you’d be soon a great earner.

You’re All Set….

And yeah,

You’ve been trained for the warfare and I bet, you’d survive and win. Perhaps, it’s too frustrating for all, when we’ve planned sometime and happen something opposing. Ain’t it?

In sake to make money blogging or make money through blogging either, what is really is patience and hard work and without these two strong weapons you won’t be able to succeed.

What else?

How else you could make money blogging? Share your views, through comments

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