Money Making: How Can You Make Money Blogging

In order to make money blogging, it is important to plan monetization of content. Blogs are, if set up properly, cash generating machines which require webmasters. Simply add subject specific content on a regular basis. Before writing another word, I wants to discourage any reader and/or student from using ‘free blogs’ to test the waters! Free blogs is taking seriously and those who suggest setting one up encourage. This prevents success – investing in yourself. Whether, not to be confuse with premium hosting services at, or other free platforms to make money. You must secure premium hosting as well as a custom domain name.

There are many forms of monetizing content with the most popular being selling ad space to services such as AdSense or direct sales to advertisers. However and as we’ve said many times, AdSense is a complete waste of online real estate unless you receive hundreds of thousands of reads monthly. Further and I understand emails will arrive contesting this point – contextual advertising not only costs bloggers traffic. It provides the worst ROI (return on investment) on the Internet. Readership and intend on generating display advertising revenue, cut out the ‘middle person’ (advertising services) and sell the space yourself! A more profitable form of monetizing content is to either directly by selling a product or service. Set-up an Affiliate (referrer) arrangement with someone else.

You Can Make Money Using Blogging


Before offering space to anyone, you must settle on a ‘content theme’ for your blog. Put more simply; what is your blog about? Well written content, with proper keyword deployment. Anyway you will receive high search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing as well as Once content is index, new readers (call unique views) will arrive. It is travesty of the highest order to create engaging content, receive reads and have no way to make money for your efforts.

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Here are a few (but not limited to) ways to immediately monetize content;

1. Sell your web host’s services

One of the better Affiliate based web hosting partnerships is available at Blue Host. With millions (no hyperbole intend) of new blogs and websites coming online yearly. There are very few readers who will not publish content at some point. At last check, yearly hosting prices with Blue Host are $89. Of that amount, you’ll receive about $60 for each referral. That is much more lucrative than the $0.05 offering by Google’s AdSense advertising program. If selling web hosting services isn’t your ‘cup of tea’. There are other Affiliate programs which pay just as well. An example which you can find at, or other.

2. Create an online store

With new tools such as, managing your own online store is not easy. When e-commerce solutions are coupling with drop-shipping. There is no excuse for not considering this as a viable business solution. Find a product or service you like, set up your store, write content and get paid!

Promote a social cause

Although this deals with ‘donations’ more than direct sales, supporting social causes becoming very lucrative. Of course, we are hardly suggesting inventing some cause you don’t believe in and begging for support. However, if there happens for some one who believe in, and can create content for, video or even images, Why not financially benefit? Raising money for social causes is so popular that hundreds of millions in cash is donat on crowd funding websites such as Indiegogo.

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Check Out!

There is another, lessor known option for obtaining blog readers and immediate income. You can also purchase of an already functioning website. For those with a few thousand dollars, will be an option for business purchase.

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