Simpler Life: Make Your Little Bit Simpler With Mac

Whenever I use Mac, I always wish that my life could be as simple as it. Everything will be just within a click. Easy to manage it, either save or cut all those things that I wish to. Everything will not be so time consume, and most important is that I don’t have to worry too much as everything will be on track. So how shall I compare it into my life? My daily activity will be the Mac app, my brain and emotion will be the memory card, my surrounding, friends and other environment will be the software.

Simpler Life: Make The Life Simple

Interesting Facts About Life

In life, when there are changes in working place or changes of people around us, most of the time it’s either we change the way. We work or we change the environment which is mostly moving to new place to work. But if I will able to apply the Mac app into my life, and yes, there will no need to restart over and over. After spending most of my time in arranging my life, adding all those memories and new experiences throughout the years. I will only need to manage it just dragging into the rooSwitch & Sparrow lite as backup. Through this software, it will also enable me to manage the site, the setting that I prefer without worrying. I need to reset everything when I use a new laptop or Mac pc.

Memories That Long Last

I only need to drop in the app into the software, and create a new profile. I’m ready to switch it back to the old style again. There are a part of memories that I wish to cut off from my life, especially those memory that contain some painful and embarrassing moment. Being a human been this will be the most difficult thing that could be done. I really wish that my memory card will be deleting as simple as having trash from Mac. Of course, as the incident link to the celebrity came from Hong Kong in past few years. It does show that deleting doesn’t mean gone forever.

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But, with Mac well prepared software name “Secure Delete Mac” function. All this can be done just by clicking the trash icon in the dock, in same time pressing the command key and holding the mouse key as well. By then, the Empty Trash Mac menu item will appear and turn into Secure Mac Empty Trash that will help to cut the file in completely.

In another hand, of course there are some memories that I wish to just cut off in short-term. Who knows in the future I can still apply it back to my life? Does this mean there will no longer people having lost memory symptom specially those elder senior citizens? For sure if Mac Keeper software can be install in everyone’s memory card. It was as simple as downloading a data into the memory in opposite way. This soft ware is a best recommend retrieving tools which had already been proven and test globally.


It was just simple, just download the Mac Keeper, then open the undeleted function, in a snap of shot, all the data that we wish to retrieve will be appeal in front of us. Isn’t that just so simple? It wills definitely a touch to our heart when this Mac Keeper can help us save a lot of elder citizens retrieve their memory as well.

Of course, all this will a bit like a mission impossible in life. God doesn’t create us as a robotic person who can cut or add in anything into our life without getting through it in proper way. We are creating to do everything in emotion and need to use intelligence. Short cut will never allowing in human life. Besides, Mac is creating according to the real human experiences, and because it will create to cover off the loop-hole that human itself couldn’t overcome it, such as daily schedule, or some manual tracking purpose. With Mac in my life, it will definitely help me be more organizing and well plan as long I know how to apply whatever necessary into real life.

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