Simple Ways to Delete Photos From Your Apple Watch

If you’re running out of free space on your Apple Watch, this blog post is for you! There are 5 easy steps to free up some free space and delete photos from your Apple Watch. Follow these simple instructions to remove the unwanted pictures so they don’t clutter up your device. You’ll be thanking yourself in no time!

How do I clear storage on my Apple Watch?

– Open the Photos app on your Apple Watch, then swipe left to see all of the albums.

– Tap and hold an album until a delete button appears at its bottom right corner.

– Confirm deletion by tapping “delete” in the popup window that follows or hit the home button to exit back to your watch face. Repeat this process for each photo you want removed from your device.

– To free up space on apps installed on your iPhone, go into General settings and tap ‘iPhone Storage.’ This will bring up your free memory percentage under storage details as well as give you options for how much free space can be regained through a variety of methods including deleting unused photos, videos, messages and more with just a few taps.

– Tap free space and you’ll see how much free memory is available for your apps. You can delete unused items to free up more free space this way.

– Apple recommends deleting files that are no longer needed, such as text messages or documents from an older version of a software app, in order to free up storage on the device by finding them under Messages & FaceTime and Documents & Data respectively when in General settings.

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What does the Apple Watch backup include and not include?

Data Stored:

The data stored on the Apple Watch includes all of the apps installed on your device including the system apps, messages, photos, videos, contacts and settings.

Data Not Stored:

The data not stored on the Apple Watch includes third party apps and data, such as maps, music, stelios.greek and movies.